Home Styles In Woodland Park, New Jersey

Whatever your needs, Platinum Real Estate Solutions can help you find the perfect property in the Woodland Park area. With a vast range of homes currently on the market, we're proud to offer all sorts of architectural styles for our customers to choose from. Read on to learn about a few of the setups that you might consider when purchasing your new home.

Colonial Style Homes Sell in Woodland Park 

Residences In A Range Of Styles

Unsure just what sort of house will best suit your needs? Here, we’ll list the definitive features of just a few of the home styles you’ll find through Platinum Real Estate Solutions.
  • Cape Cod - Cape Cod-style homes really stepped into the spotlight in the middle of the 20th century. While the style was originally designed with simplicity and practicality in mind, architects have expanded upon the style to incorporate modern needs and desires. Nevertheless, typical identifying features remain consistent, including steeply pitched roofs, which easily shed precipitation and snow, as well as shutters, dormers and a central fireplace.
  • Colonial - Two-story colonial homes are an excellent choice for the homeowner with a family. Typically, these houses’ ground floors are designed for functionality, playing host to the kitchen, dining room, living room and other assorted living spaces, depending on the plan. Walking up to the second floor will usually reveal where the bedrooms are located.
  • Ranch - Ranch homes generally feature a single story with an open layout. Several common architectural features exhibited by ranch houses include low-pitched roofs, rectangular, L- or U-shaped floor plans, sliding glass doors, sizeable picture windows and attached garages. While they’re not as tall as other home styles, their long design schemes still tend to be quite spacious.
  • Split-level -– Split-level homes feature ranch inspiration and were perhaps most popular in the 60s and 70s. This type of layout typically offers plenty of space thanks to the uniquely staggered design that separates various rooms and stories while maximizing usable interior space.
Our listings are constantly being updated, so be sure to browse our properties from time to time to see which homes are available. Condominiums, townhouses and senior housing are also available.

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